Wednesday, March 10, 2010

long over due,

well, i have not been to school for like two days..and sitting at home means re-runs of the oc, endless photographs of nothing, consuming everything in sight, and of course the first blog in weeks! lately my days have consisted of charlie, weheartit, and just being the queen of nonsense. this weekend i am suppose to be grounded, but hopefully not because i have alot of adventures in store :D


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

feb 20

happy late birthday kurt cobain, i didn't forget because your my inspiration, and you share the same birthday as my dad. i adore you<3

oh and some other random things i like, my blog has no significance.

Monday, February 22, 2010


so, as foolish as it may be to be blogging late at night, knowing i am not a morning person and i will have to wake up at 6 tomorrow, i am doing it anyways. i have come to the conclusion that i have absouloutley not the slightest idea about what i want. as of now i am not pleased with any of the things i have, nor do i feel like i truely ever will. i am still waiting for something amazing to happen, and i am starting to doubt my optimistic personality. maybee they were right. however, i will still stay positive because i know there is going to be soo much more than this.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


well, last weekend was interesting to say the least:) but on the plus, im going to europe. unless, i fuck it up :/ ? however, things have been going fairly well. the thing in my life that usually breaks me the most is passing, and i am thrilled. i just hope things can only progress from here. heres some pictures from my weekend:)

oh thank goodness for charlie and bestfriends!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

no no no this is all wrong.

Lately, i am such a little conformist. i cannot understand what has gotten into me. i haven't been dressing, talking or even thinking like myself. i feel like the people around me are influencing me in the wrong way and its confusing me:(

things i am absouloutley sure i adore: Kurt Cobain, Edie sedgwick, The factory, Andy Warhol, biographys/autobiographys, urbanoutfitters, 500 days of summer, fight club, the beatles, the sixties trends, charlie, cardio No.9, wolf lake, my bestfriend, music, music, music, blogggging, marilyn monroe, dream catches, making collages, nylon, jack nicholson, clint eastwood, my nanas jelwery, art, writing, anything acoustic, nirvana, jons purity necklace, boys, queens of nonsense, mind fucking, kurt (my peice), evil eye bracelets, adam brody, the oc, jonas, the jcc and my kids, polaroids, cursing, random people, influences, talking theoretically, twiggy, ANTM reruns, lean pockets, shenae grimes, megan fox, wanting to be a exact replica of rachel bilson, heavier than heaven, courtney love, taylor momson, little kaylee, lam, johnny depp, john mayer, ferris bueler, food, well thought out humor that only sarah gets, knowing your different and liking it, grilled cheese, sleeeep, reading minds, middle finger promises, my very own lie detector test, optimism, debating, to die by your side is such a heavinly way to die, bob dylan, james dean, pictures, sushi the farrett, chris and sophie..dogs with people names, raybans, online shopping, that 70's show/ that 70's show circle, moccasins, my purple vans, windows down, coffee, sprite, vitamin water, things are black and bring the color, i know you too well.