Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i'm not a 2010 girl.

this has been by far the oddest weekend of my life, hopefully something good will come out of this.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Peacefullllll :)

Wolf lake: most photos by nico :)

Latley, things have been fairly peaceful and good i feel like things are really starting to get better, those are some photos taken by nico^ or sarah morris. i am edie:) i have been pretending that i am in another generation or decade because it makes me feel better, haha. i really do wish i was somewhere else. charlie has taken a huge role in my life lately, and i like it:) i feel inspired.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

easssy SUNDAY

well, latley things have been chill. i have had a pretty chill weekend, friday night me and my two bestfriends kelly and sarah went to starbucks, where we cardio, ate tijuanna, laughed, and took many memorable photographs (WHICH I WILL POST LATER), i feel like something very good is going to happen and i am still anticipating it, i have a five/ or six day weekend ahead of me and i can hardly wait. this cold is ongoing, and i really wish it would snow. most florida civilians, are not paticularly enjoying this weather but i love it, the only thing is it is seriously ruining my outfit choices ;) oh well thats all for now, formspring me?

bye bye:)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

little quirks.

Well, ive been having a pretty okay week..i must say. i mean ive come up with quite a few new random obsessions for example; being without braces, boyfriend jeans, talking to random strangers, my camera with pretty good quality, my purple vans that you either love or hate, and oh of course boys :) Lately class has been dull so i have been trying to find ways to occupy myself, such as..Narrating my surroundings in my head, and making list with random subjects. i have been talking to alot of people this week, who i probably really have never talked to and learning their stories, and i have to say some of them are quite interesting. i feel like things are going to come together quite soon and i really am looking forward to it. i feel like im extremely comfortable being who i am around almost anyone and i am loving it, the weekends tomorrow yay! and i am officially addicted to monster drinks, the perfect pick me up ever. oh and not to mention coffee, but eh that’s been a pretty important part of my life for awhile. well there has to be something more and I’m going to find it ;)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well tomorrow's school. After two weeks of watching a endless amount of television, sleeping till 2oclock in the afternoon, and not getting out of my pajamas unless it is absolutely necessary this is not a highly anticipated week ahead of me. I am such a lazy girl it is really quite sad, and tomorrow morning it is a going to take a endless amount of cups of coffee just to get me out of bed. I was also looking at old photos from back in the day and oh my how things have changed, some of them for the better. I am on a mission and things should change for the better very soon!
you dont know what you have till you have lost it, but you dont know what your missing till you find it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy new year!

We'll it is a new year and i am certainly trying to think positively. i am hoping this will finally be the year i fufill all of my goals, and I am just going to let go and have fun :)im done worrying about looking stupid, and putting up all of these walls. no more. i have a list of resoloutions, and a pact with my reunited cuzzy cakes (alex thats for you ;] ) and i intend to follow every single one. all of my friends say that if i want change i need to do it, so here i go :) here is just some of the not so personal things i wish to accomplish in the new year.

1)learn piano
2)keep my grades up
3)go to night school
4)get a SAT tutor
5)get my traigus peirced
6)get my nose and or lip peirced as well
7)get my braces off (wensday)!
8)be alot friendly and kind to people
9)get in shape and begin yoga with my mom
10)save my money

and alot more, but most of it's to personal to say here :)
However, i hope i commit to all of these and i hope it is a successful fun new year, its crazy to think my next newyears eve will be the year i graduate!(: