Thursday, January 7, 2010

little quirks.

Well, ive been having a pretty okay week..i must say. i mean ive come up with quite a few new random obsessions for example; being without braces, boyfriend jeans, talking to random strangers, my camera with pretty good quality, my purple vans that you either love or hate, and oh of course boys :) Lately class has been dull so i have been trying to find ways to occupy myself, such as..Narrating my surroundings in my head, and making list with random subjects. i have been talking to alot of people this week, who i probably really have never talked to and learning their stories, and i have to say some of them are quite interesting. i feel like things are going to come together quite soon and i really am looking forward to it. i feel like im extremely comfortable being who i am around almost anyone and i am loving it, the weekends tomorrow yay! and i am officially addicted to monster drinks, the perfect pick me up ever. oh and not to mention coffee, but eh that’s been a pretty important part of my life for awhile. well there has to be something more and I’m going to find it ;)

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