Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There's always tomorrow

I've been pretty worried lately. I feel like i have alot of potential to make things right in my life and i simply don’t do anything about it. I’m worried about my future, i am worried that i am changing who i am as a person, or conforming in some way and i really am not fond of it. I feel like there is so many sides to my personality that I can’t keep up with them all and i am loosing who i am as a person, i don’t know me anymore and that is the worst feeling. I feel like I’m constantly waiting for something good to happen and things always remain the same. Things aren't awful, i am sure that’s a exaggeration but i am a person who thrives on excitement and things just seem to be average, and one life i dread living in the absolute average one. I want to learn something new, like how to play a instrument or take up a hobby.. Something that will be fresh and new in my life. I want to meet a new person, and find some inspiration, i seek change right now. I am truly annoyed by the average cooper city life and people. I'm in a negative mood, and i want to vent so there you go.

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