Sunday, November 22, 2009

who am I?

my name is cassandra holly, i live in cooper city, florida. I am almost always theoretically speaking, and i view the world around me just like the movies. I am a very optimistic person, and even when my brain is telling me all hope is lost, my heart tells me otherwise. I have a extreme love for pop culture, and although that may seem to be one of the most superficial fields out there, it fascinates me. i am also fascinated by generations before me. i admire the legends such as, kurt cobain, edie sedgwick, andy warhol, marilyn monroe, john lennon.. just to name a few. I am not exactley sure who will read this blog but i'm just writing it mostly for me. music is another thing that really inspires me, although i currently dont play any instruments i hope to learn some day, i especially want to learn to play the piano with my feet, just like lady gaga. i also love fashion and if i was given 1million dollars i would probably blow it all on clothes, some of my fashion inspirations are; rachel bilson (my absouloute idol), shenae grimes, sienna miller, camilla belle, kristin calvalari, mischa barton, and megan fox. i stalk fashion sites such as the skinny website, gossip girl celebrity gossip, and perez hilton.. i always need to see what celebrities are wearing and when. i am the worst speller ever, so forgive me. i have a mouth full of opionions and alot to say so this blog is purely for that reason, so read? :) thanks.


  1. Loll like 2 days ago, me and sarah morris are following you..

  2. mm, nice. lets have a charlie and square fiesta soon

  3. okkkay forsure, this vedddy long weekend we shall. and a photoshoot:) ilybye.